Here you find the most important publications, featuring our Ultrasonic Measurement Systems

Subject: Logistic Fittings

Report: Wacker Chemie AG 2022 – Dr. Ingo Müller in Drymix Mortar Yearbook 2022

Subject: 3D Printing

Report: Eindhoven University - Wolfs, R.J.M.; Bos, F.P.; Salet, T.A.M. in Construction and Building Materials, 2018
Report: TU Berlin - Sando, M.; Stephan, D. in Case Studies in Construction Materials, 2024

Subject: Alternative Binders

Report: HTWK Leipzig - Tekle, B. H.; Hertwig, L., Holschemacher, K. in Materials, 2021
Report: KU Leuven - Uppalapati, S.; Vandewalle, L.; Cizer, Ö. in Construction and Building Materials, 2021

Subject: Refractories, Calcium Aluminate Cements & Ceramics

Report: Almatis GmbH / RHI Urmitz AG & Co. KG - Gierisch, D.; Buhr, A.; Dutton, J.; Hösler, M.; Franz, B.

Subject: Gypsum

Report: The Dow Chemical Company - Hecker, A.; Baumann, R.