IP-8 Measuring System

for Precise Monitoring of Setting Processes

The highly precise 8-channel ultrasonic measuring system was developed for the measurement of setting processes, strength developments and consistency changes. The IP-8 system is particularly suited for the measurement of building materials such as mortar&plaster systems, flooring systems, CO₂ reduced binders and gypsum-based products. The IP-8 system can be applied in research, development, production control and quality assurance.

IP-8 device in use

IP-8 video



Main features

+ Highly precise measuring system with a resolution of 0.05 µs

The high resolution of the IP-8 allows you to monitor setting processes with a precision, unmatched by any other test method applied to the monitoring of setting processes. 

+ 8 independently controllable channels

The 8 measuring channels of the IP-8 system function as independent measuring systems – assuring complete flexibility when carrying out measurements.

+ Intuitive Control and Evaluation Software – Available in many languages

The intuitive UltraTestLab software allows you to start a measurement with just two clicks. UltraTestLab contains many functions for fast and easy data evaluation. All results can be easily exported to Excel, guaranteeing you maximum independence and flexibility.

+ Easy handling and operation

The IP-8 System was optimized for application in mortar and concrete laboratories. Thanks to flexible silicone moulds demoulding is fast and easy. The transducer housings are made of 2 mm stainless steel and are designed to withstand regular breaking out of hardened concrete samples.

+ Long lasting and reliable

All our products are manufactured with the utmost care in our workshops in Achim and Oldenburg, Germany. Many of our measuring systems have been in continuous use for over 10 years.

+ Ideally suited for research & development, quality assurance and production control

The IP-8 can be used at all stages of production, from product development to production control.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Measurements

+ Strength development from initial mixing to final strength

The entire binding process, from initial mixing to final strength can be monitored with only one measurement.

+ Fast identification of product characteristics

Measurement results are immediately visible and can be followed live. Differences between product formulations, production batches or ambient conditions can be identified at an early stage.

+ Save up to 30 % development time and cost

According to our customers, application of the IP-8 can lower development time and cost by up to 30%.

+ High precision – unmatched by other test methods

Get more and more precise data on the setting behavior of your materials than with any other available method


Mortar & Plaster Systems

Mortar & Plaster Systems

Flooring Systems

Flooring Systems

Tile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive

Concrete & Precast Elements

Concrete & Precast Elements

CO₂ reduced binders

CO₂ reduced binders

Refractory Products, Casting Compounds & Functional Components

Refractory Products, Casting Compounds & Functional Components

Gypsum-based Plaster, Stucco & Screed Systems

Gypsum-based Plaster, Stucco & Screed Systems

Concrete 3D-Printing

Concrete 3D-Printing

Construction Chemistry

Construction Chemistry


IP-8 Ultrasonic Measuring Systems are used for the precise monitoring of setting processes, strength developments and consistency changes, especially in building materials. Compared to conventional measuring systems applied to monitor binding processes our ultrasonic measuring systems offer unmatched precision. Especially with regard to CO₂ reduction and the associated requirements for product development, you benefit from shorter development cycles and increased efficiency in quality assurance.

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Start your measurements with just 2 clicks

Follow the binding process of your materials live

See the results of up to 8 measurements in 1 window

The temperature development is only 1 click away

Just one click to export all of you results to Excel

UltraTestLab© – Control and evaluation software

  • Intuitive operating concept with a clearly arranged user interface
  • Measurement duration: 15 minutes – 365 days
  • Measurement interval: 1 second – 60 minutes
  • Simultaneously visible during the measurement :
    1. Speed in m/s or runtime in μs
    2. Curve derivation (acceleration) and curvature
    3. Temperature inside the sample (-20 ... +125 °C)
    4. Shrinkage/swelling by connection of “shrinkage grooves” (optional)
  • Comparable against reference measurements
  • Reproduction of characteristic points such as initial set and fi nal set with graphic markers
  • Permissible deviations definable with envelopes
  • Evaluation, Excel export and printouts possible during measurement
  • Automatic logging of all measurements
  • Dynamic e-modulus calculation and display
  • Option: external temperature measurement by thermocouples (-40 ... 1820 °C)
  • Option: measurement of shrinkage/swelling by connection of ”shrinkage grooves”

Add Ons

Our Moulds

140-50 bl32 HR

Our best-selling measuring mould. Suitable for all materials, from paste to mortar, with a maximum aggregate size of 12 mm.
Volume: 95 ml, Inner diameter: 50 mm, Measuring distance 30 - 40 mm. 

150-70 bl32 HR

For all materials with a maximum aggregate size of 16 mm. 
Volume: 190 ml, Inner diameter 70 mm, Measuring distance 50 - 60 mm. 

220-120-70 bl32 HR

Our bestselling mould for concrete testing. Suitable for all materials with an aggregate size between 16 and 32 mm.
Height: 70 mm, Volume: 675 ml, Inner diameter 120 mm, Measuring Distance: 112 mm  

220-120-110 bl32 HR

Our largest mould for concrete testing. Suitable for all materials with an aggregate size between 16 and 32 mm. 
Height: 110 mm, Volume: 1070 ml, Inner diameter 120 mm, Measuring Distance: 112 mm  

Adjustable Tube Mould

Our smallest measuring mould for all materials where only small sample quantities are available.
Volume: 7 – 14 ml, Inner Diameter: 30 mm, Measuring Distance: 10 – 20 mm

Adjustable Transducer Holder for Testing of 3D Printed Components

Our transducer holder specially developed for in situ testing of components during the concrete 3D printing process.
Measuring distance: 20 mm – 200 mm

Special Moulds Available Upon Request

The right mould for your requirements is not yet in our range? Please contact us! We manufacture customized measuring moulds according to the wishes of our customers.  

Options / Extensions

Advanced Shrinkage and Expansion Measurement System (ASEM)

With the ASEM system, the IP-8 can be expanded to include high-resolution shrinkage and expansion measurements. ASEM measurements can be conducted simultaneously or separately from ultrasonic measurements 
[ more information ]

IP-8 Connector Box

The IP-8 Connector Box offers a simple plug & play solution for ultrasonic measurements in climate and humidity chambers. The connector box can be mounted near the cable aperture. Starting from the connector box, cables whose length we adapt exactly to the space available in the climate chamber can be used. Measurements can be performed from 0 °C to 80 °C. 

Compressive Strength Correlation 

The optional add- on module allows to correlate ultrasound velocity and compressive strength developments. The software module creates a mathematical correlation between ultrasonic velocities and compressive strengths. Once a correlation has been created, compressive strengths can be directly calculated from the ultrasound velocities. 

Logistic Fitting 

The optional add on software module Logistic Fitting allows the subdivision of the measured US-velocity curve into individual sections based on logistic terms. These individual terms can be correlated with the crystallization processes of cement hydration.
Software training for the Logistic Fitting module is offered by Wacker: Wacker Academy

Online Presentation

If you would like to find out more about the IP-8 ultrasonic measuring system and the benefits of ultrasonic measurements, you should take part in an online presentation of our products.

Within 90 minutes, one of our experts will demonstrate the IP-8 system and answer any questions you may have about ultrasonic measurement.

Simply send us your request and one of our experts will arrange an appointment with you.



If you want to see the efficiency of ultrasonic measurements on your own products, you can use our free test service. We carry out ultrasonic measurements on three of your products and present you the results in an online meeting after just a few days.

To benefit from our free test service, simply send us your request


Rental Systems

We offer rental systems for a rental period of up to 4 weeks. This allows you to convince yourself of the performance of the IP-8 system in your own laboratory and with your own products.

Simply send us your request for a rental system and convince yourself of the IP-8 System.


IP-8 messurement system


Construction Chemicals, Additives, Waterproofing

Cement, Concrete, Construction Materials

Universities, Research, Teaching

Mortar, Plaster, Thermal Composite System

Facades, Floor, Roofing Systems, Drywall

Refractories, Castables

3D Printing

Tires & Rubber Products